Technisys and Antuar - Customer-Focused Branch Solutions
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Technisys and Antuar Offer Customer-Focused Branch Solutions

Technisys, an innovator in banking platforms, and Antuar, a company focused on branch solutions, joined forces to offer a set of digital customer-focused branch services to enhance both online and in-person banking.

The hybrid solutions increase speed and efficiency throughout the banking experience, allowing transactions to be processed in real-time whether at the teller’s desk, a self-service station, or on a banking app.

The customer-focused branch solutions sold by the two fintech companies invent new ways for banks to market toward and engage their clients. Both customers and banks can benefit from at-will custom financial products, facilitated by these customer-focused branch services. These products can be adapted and personalized to fit consumer needs directly, allowing them to keep up with changing client demand. These relevant product recommendations turn into meaningful banking interactions that simplify and enhance the in-person banking experience.

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