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Technisys: The Latin American upstart in North America

With four deals of late and a heavyweight team now in place, Technisys is clearly serious in its aim to crack the North American market.

Over the years, the north American market has proved almost impossible to break into for non-domestic suppliers. Many have tried, through a direct presence, partnerships and/or acquisitions but the results have always been under-whelming. The would-be entrants hit well-entrenched incumbent suppliers (albeit with mostly legacy systems), difficult regulations and a generally conservative sector. Even where vendors have gained a first win, they have tended to become entrenched in difficult – sometimes impossible – projects and have not kicked on from there.

Certainly, no supplier has made it in north America having arrived from Latin America. However, with four north American customers gained in the last year or so and with considerable backing for its efforts, Technisys is certainly having a strong attempt.

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