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Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

You’re often told what you can’t do. But, we’re going to show you what’s possible with Technisys support. We know that a digital transformation is in full swing in the financial services industry and with it, come new risks and opportunities. Cut through the uncertainty by uniting your teams - from IT to sales to compliance - around one organizational strategy. The Technisys partner strategy and expert consulting team can help you develop a plan that’s entirely tailored to you and your team’s business goals. The digital possibilities are endless.

  • Assemble your teams, from IT to sales to compliance, around an organizational strategy.
  • Develop a plan customized for your financial institution.
  • Achieve your digital banking goals
  • Offer the best digital banking experience for your clients.

A new way to think about the future of your bank

As you think about the future of your financial institution, it may be helpful to have a structured way to think about your organisation, operating platform and overall business. PwC, as part of their future of banking project, determined a set of macro trends that financial institution leadership teams need to understand in order to properly plan for their future. Some of them are:

Low interest rates will continue wreaking havoc on margins and business models.

Alternative providers of capital are set to become an even more important part of the global financial system.

Continued de-globalisation will further align the size of financial institutions to the GDP of their home countries while continued offshoring will increase operational risk across the industry.

The client-driven shift to a platform- and ecosystem-based financial services industry will create a new wave of disruption and disintermediation.

Firms face unrelenting pressure to boost productivity through the digitisation of the business and the workforce.

TAG Solutions specializes in providing high-quality, straightforward, independent consulting services in the context of a highly collaborative relationship. TAG's strength is built upon the experience and the background of our management and professional staff.

TAG works hand in hand with enterprises to adopts the digital transformation principles along with better processes, useful data, and enhanced tools, which will results in an efficient, innovative, and rewarding work culture that inevitably leads to sustained success.

Strategic Technology Plannning is designed to cultivate a fundamental understanding of the technology your institution deploys today, the solutions available in the market, and unite your team around technology initiatives that compliment your strategic goals as an organization.

Genesys has provided its Core Services to over 325 financial institutions. After all, there is a lot riding on your technology and you have to live with your choices for at least five years.

Catalyst Consulting help companies succeed in their strategic goals and to make a positive impact with their customers, employees and society. Offering strategic facilitation, leadership training, and executive coaching that improves the quality of human interaction, teamwork and decision making.

With good data and sound decision processes, financial institutions make better, more informed decisions. They should partner, relate, and engage to enable teams to act on their commitments. Catalyst draws on a rich set of tools and practices from the cognitive and emotional sciences with deeply rooted practices from organizational learning disciplines.