Digital banking – Cyberbank Digital

Omnipresent. Omnisatisfaction.

The Cyberbank platform delivers customized, multisegment financial services to any device, offering a positive and consistent user experience. The platform allows banks to set up and tweak the customer journey depending on the maturity of their processes and their differentiation strategy. The platform offers solutions for every business segment, through every available channel – Web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs, social networks, kiosks, ATMs, call centers, and branches. The platform also was designed to rapidly include new channels without the need to develop or perform maintenance on every process and integration each time.

Cyberbank Digital offers customization processes based on agile tools and methodologies. This innovative solution enables banks to customize each user’s experience, depending on which segment the customer belongs to (bank’s segmentation strategy). Cyberbank Digital allows banks to digitize sales processes and customer service, accelerate the time to market for new products and provide an array of tailored offers (by segment, geolocation, device type, transaction, time of day, etc.), using available big data and analytics tools.

Cyberbank Digital is natively integrated with Cyberbank Core’s platform.

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