Cyberbank Safeway

Cyberbank Safeway is a centralized software credential manager that provides multi-factor and multi-channel authentication services, allowing applications to support several authentication types in an easy way. The solution implements a connector based extendable architecture that allows it to interact with internal and external credential providers.

The credentials types can be grouped on the following:

  • String-based (password/PIN/secret phrase)
  • Digital Certificates
  • OTPs
  • Biometric Identification

As Cyberbank Safeway can handle multiple types of credentials, it provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities by combining different authentication credentials types. Depending on the credential linked to a specific user, Cyberbank Safeway can provide 1 FA, 2 FA, and 3 FA.

Authentication is a key step on a digital onboarding process, and Cyberbank Safeway provides document data extraction and verification that can be used with a biometric verification as part of a digital onboarding process.