TECHXPERIENCE – First Knowledge Exchange Workshop

Press Release : September 30, 2013

On September 12th, with important executives and representatives of the main banks in Latin America and Technisys, the first TECHXPERIENCE event, a knowledge and experience exchange workshop for the financial industry, took place at the Epic Hotel, in Miami.

Miguel Santos (CEO) introduced the new market trends according to several analysts and Technisys’ alignment with them through the new approach based on the Omnichannel.

Néstor Serravalle (VP Global Sales) introduced the Cyberbank solutions which successfully meet the banking clients’ nowadays needs, considering the various devices and segments in the Omnichannel framework.

Reinforcing what both directors said, Rigoberto Saenz (New Technologies Director BBVA) spoke about innovation experiences in banking and new client service media which, through centralized management, provide information on the behavior of clients in real time, maximizing sale experiences and opportunities.

A Design Thinking session also took place, where participants, through a brainstorming dynamic, interacted, shared experiences and generated innovative ideas aimed at optimizing their client services, coordinated by Claudio Sordó (a Social Marketing adviser specialized in communication and strategies).