Miguel Santos, CEO, and Germán Pugliese Bassi, EVP, presented the objectives reached in 2012 and the challenges for 2013

Press Release : April 12, 2013

Technisys closed 2012 with an amazing theatre show at the Broadway Theatre in Buenos Aires with STRAVAGANZA, where its executives talked about the objectives reached in 2012 and the challenges for 2013.


Miguel’s speech underscored that “with our joint efforts we were able to achieve our objectives for 2012, we even went beyond the objectives in all the markets at which we operate, with an EBITDA amounting to 19%. Technisys’ shareholders have decided to reinvest 100% of the earnings to grow as a company, mostly in the following directions: increasing our sales power, opening new markets, and improving products and productivity. Moreover, we will continue investing in research and development so that our products become increasingly competitive, easier to implement and with differentiating functions.

This year, we will work on improving productivity from different angles, we have processed last years’ environmental survey and we will implement actions to improve. We will continue adjusting the measurement system which, through accurate measures, will help us make better decisions at the right moments.”

In turn, Germán talked about the importance of the 10th anniversary of the company as a regional player with solid products that can be adapted to all the markets in the region.

“We are thus preparing to face an intense 2013, with ambitious growth objectives and solid plans to support it. There we go,” concluded Miguel.