FIBA and Technisys promote the multichannel solution and mobile banking as tools to optimize the banks’ business

Press Release : April 15, 2010

Technisys, leader supplier of multichannel SOA-based software applications for the financial service industry, participated today in the event organized with the sponsorship of the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) and the US-Spain Chamber of Commerce, where they presented the benefits of multichannel solutions and mobile banking to reduce costs and increase profitability and the service offering. The event is part of a campaign organized by Technisys to promote the launching of a new version of its products as well as the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), which has identified the company since it was established.

“Banks are looking for an integral solution which allows them to quickly respond to its clients’ needs through all its channels: banks branches, ATMs, the Internet, call centers, mobile banking,” said Germán Pugliese-Bassi, Technisys’ EVP. “With the Cyberbank Multichannel solution based on SOA, banks will be able to meet this demand at a low cost, optimizing their investment in technology and per client.”

Throughout this year, Technisys will continue reinforcing the message of SOA benefits in its two most innovative products: the multichannel suite and the mobile banking solution. As regards events and seminars, the company has already confirmed its participation in the 10th International Technology Congress for the Financial Industry organized by the Banking Marketing Argentine Association (AMBA), which will take place in June in the city of Buenos Aires; in the 10th Cl@b Congress, organized by the Latin American Federation of Banks (FELABAN), which will take place in September in Panama City; and in the BAI Retail Delivery 2010 organized by the Banking Administration Institute (BAI), to be held in October in Las Vegas.

With the same purpose, last month, Technisys’ office in Madrid took part in the SOA’10 conference – New Efficiency Corporate Models, organized by the analyst consultant firm IDC. Emilio Barreira, Technisys’ international specialist in SOA strategies, talked about the challenges posed by the imminent adoption of this technology by financial institutions.

As part of this initiative, the company has recently launched its new website with a friendly and intuitive design, catching up with the guidelines of its international competitors. The advertising campaign that complements this effort includes a recent interview to Pugliese-Bassi conducted CNN about the security of banking transactions through mobile phones. This interview is available at the company´s website


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About Technisys
Technisys is a leader supplier of multichannel SOA-based software applications for the financial service industry. With over 15 years of experience, Technisys is committed to supply competitive, agile, and future-oriented solutions to its clients which include financial institutions from medium-sized banks to multinational financial groups. Through its special platform called Cyberbank, based on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Technisys guarantees a uniform experience to clients, reduces the implementation times of new modules and services, and extends the system’s lifespan in the long term. Technisys’ products and services are used throughout three continents and are ISO9001-2008 certified. For more information, visit