Press Release : October 6, 2013

Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, the second largest bank in Argentina, with a long-standing history of 191 years, has chosen Technisys to position itself as a cutting-edge technology financial institution, creating the new Banca Internet Provincia – BIP más tiempo en tu vida (more time in your life), through the Cyberbank platform.


Technisys is proud of having been chosen by Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires to implement the Cyberbank platform, which has provided the bank a state-of-the-arts technological platform for its multichannel e-banking services, achieving unprecedented success in services oriented to individual and corporate clients.

BIP, an online service oriented to individual and corporate clients which allows them to conduct the same operations they would conduct at the bank and to access state-of-the-arts tools for their transactions, through Cyberbank, has evidenced that they understand the new needs of today’s banking digitalized clients, and that they found in Technisys the appropriate solution to understand and serve their clients in the current multichannel social context.

A year after BIP was launched; it reached 400 thousand users, doubling the number of time deposit accounts opened through the Internet, as well as mobile phone charges. Wire transfers conducted through home banking increased by more than 100%, reaching 136 thousand in a year.

The success achieved up to this moment guarantees that the implementation of the new home banking platform will provide the bank autonomy and will enable it to set other channels, as the mobile phone banking and new applications in the future. Users will be able to operate 24/7 in an agile and safe way. Moreover, they will obtain more benefits, such as better rates for time deposit accounts.

Because of the success achieved with solutions for personal banking, the plan has been extended to implement Corporate Banking, with a current status of Friends & Family.