ABN Amro Bank relies on Cyberbank once again

Press Release : November 22, 2004

ABN Amro Bank relies again on Cyberbank’s technology for implementing online services for its business customers. With Cyberbank Business Banking 5.0 the clients can now access a wide range of financial services using personalization tools, the new command center and the ability to manage their own roles and user profiles.

“Based on the new Cyberbank Foundation Classes, the J2EE underlying framework, Cyberbank is now easy to maintain as ever” said Sebastian Zubrinic, head of the software factory.

ABN Amro acquired Cyberbank 2.0 in the early 1997 and evolved up to this point without failure of any nature. We at Technisys understand that continuous improvement of quality of service is the key factor for such long-lasting relationship.