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What we Learned at Money 20/20

Wow, what a week! 

Lot’s of information sharing, networking and learning were had at this year’s Money 20/20 USA. Technisys had a big presence among the fintechs, challenger banks, neo-banks, and many others in attendance.

Didn’t attend? No worries. Here’s what we can catch you up on… 

While there was an array of topics centered on the global money ecosystem throughout the four day event, three topics in particular, created lots of buzz – AI, cryptocurrency and next-gen digital banking.  

AI and the power of Conversational Banking

While AI is not a new topic, it certainly continues to make headlines in the financial services space. We were able to hear from industry leaders on the rising popularity in AI technology in banking.

Additionally, we highlighted our latest digital innovations with Cyberbank Konecta, our conversational AI solution – where banks and fintechs can use virtual personal assistants to help recognize voice and text, understand intent, decipher different languages and know when to provide AI or human-based support for every customer engagement. In turn, you can: 

  • Reduce call center overload – let your virtual personal assistant handle transactional and data-driven questions while your customer support team handles more complex issues
  • Offer more timely customer support, cost-effectively, 24/7
  • Offer informed decision-making in real time

To learn more about Cyberbank Konecta, go here

Delivering tailored digital banking experiences

Of course, next-gen digital banking was a hot topic as incumbent banks look to embrace cloud-based and digital innovations, fintechs look to become a digital bank, and non-FS brands look to embed finance into their offerings. With one end-goal in mind – to dynamically create and deliver tailored experiences in any channel of the customer’s choice. 

At Money 20/20, we showcased the power of Cyberbank Core – the next generation core banking platform that enables banks and fintechs to accelerate their digital banking efforts and future-proof their businesses. 

We demoed the latest innovations of Cyberbank Digital – our digital front-end designed to create differentiated and empathic customer experiences. And, of course, Cyberbank Konecta – our conversational AI engine that understands customer sentiment, responds like a human, and reflects your brand persona.  

Overall, we shared and learned a lot at Money 20/20. Digital innovations are in abundance. The power lies in embracing the innovations that will best support you and your strategic goals as we move into 2022. 

For more on how your business can become integral to your customer’s lifestyle, check out this four minute video of the ‘Day in the Life of Sophia,’ an owner of a pastry shop, and how her bank helps her manage her personal and professional life, seamlessly.