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Partner integrations could give MS cloud platform an edge

Bank Automation News, November 3rd 2021

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services hit the market Monday, boasting a list of partners that offer integrations… Microsoft’s software and computational strengths coupled with partner integrations and the extent of data interoperability could offer advantages for financial institutions with the tech giant’s new financial services cloud platform.

Digital and core banking solutions from Miami-based Technisys are also Microsoft preferred solutions. Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer German Pugliese Bassi echoed Pleiter’s point about the cloud platform’s partners, saying the tech giant’s offering “introduces powerful capabilities that come from the unveiling of a new and robust partner ecosystem.”

Fully utilizing these cloud service, he told Bank Automation News, can allow financial institutions “to elevate the customer experience, streamline operations and tailor products dynamically – all while uncovering new revenue streams.”

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