Technisys helps Latin America warm to the digital revolution – The Banker

In The News : January 4, 2016

Despite economic difficulties in the region, Latin American banks are still very profitable and, increasingly, they are looking to update their digital offerings. This is the ideal time to launch a digital-only bank as momentum is building around digital channels in the region, partly on the back of growth in the Latin American e-commerce sector.

There is, however, a dominant conviction that given the option, customers would still prefer to visit a branch and talk to a person, rather than make a payment using their phone. In an interview with the prestigious The Banker, German Pugliese Bassi, co-founder and CMO at Technisys, explained that “people want personal interaction unless they’re able to get a digital interaction that replicates that experience. (…) The customer cares about personal attention, not necessarily about getting that attention from a person at the branch.”

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