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Size Matters When Evaluating Digital Banking Engagement Platforms

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Technisys is recognized as a large, established player in the report, “Now Tech: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, Q1 2021,” released by leading global research and advisory firm, Forrester.

Due to current market conditions, many consumers were forced to adopt digital practices to shop, to bank, to learn and to be entertained. Consumer behaviors, habits and preferences have changed and technology innovations continue to alter the banking landscape. 

To grow and thrive in the digital age requires that banks are agile enough to create and deliver tailored financial products to customers, dynamically, at every touchpoint. However, many existing banking systems are not designed to support a complex layer of customization and then deliver tailored offerings across multiple channels at exceptional speed. Technisys’ established market presence - supporting millions of customers across 16 countries - offers a proven digital banking platform for banks and fintechs. 

In this introduction, we highlight three key takeaways:

1. Differentiation by redefining the customer experience. Deliver custom offerings that become integral to your customer’s lifestyle in new and profound ways, whether to defined target segments or down to a segment of one. 

2. Enterprise-grade scalability. No matter whether your bank supports hundreds or millions of customers, a cloud-based, next-gen digital banking platform is designed to flex with your business. 

3. Agility and growth with structural flexibility. A flexibility that allows financial institutions to create and deliver new and tailored products rapidly and effectively.

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