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Technisys Recognized As A Large, Established Player In Digital Banking Engagement Platform Report By Leading Analyst Firm

Now Tech report highlights the value to expect from digital banking engagement platform providers and how to select vendors based on size and functionality.

MIAMI, Florida, June 9, 2021: Technisys is recognized as a large, released by leading global  research and advisory firm, Forrester. The report highlights the functionality of digital banking engagement platforms, with recommendations on how to choose the right vendor for organizations looking to adopt a digital transformation. 

A Digital Banking Engagement Platform (DBEP) is defined by Forrester as “an advanced cross-channel / omnichannel banking solution that enables an integrated, seamless, and comprehensive customer and employee experience across touchpoints, thus delivering true digital banking.” DBEP vendors help technology teams with support across multiple channels, improved automation, operational benefits, off-the-shelf retail and more.

Forrester notes that “when banks select new business applications, banks typically need to determine their transformation approach and mode of delivery (ranging from on-premise to SaaS), deciding their future DBEP’s role, determining whether strong integration needs exist, 

checking how well vendors are positioned to help a bank innovate and identifying how a DBEP supports a bank’s architectural preferences.”

“Now Tech” organizes DBEP providers into three categories: small, mid-sized, or large market presence. Technisys is cited as a large, established player – with more than $50M in revenue. Technisys also has presence across 16 countries. Customers include Scotiabank, HSBC, TAB Bank, Brightside by ATB, Itau, and Banco Original – to name a few. 

As a 25-year pioneer in the digital banking space, Technisys offers an API-centric, cloud-based digital and core banking platform designed to help banks redefine the customer experience. Whether a bank is looking to update its digital banking system or simply wants to expand its capabilities, Technisys empowers banks to embrace a true digital transformation with agility and speed.

About Technisys

Technisys is the next-gen digital and core banking platform that redefines the customer experience. As a best-in-class technology platform, Technisys uniquely delivers differentiation in two key ways. By empowering financial institutions to dynamically create tailored financial products at the speed of commerce. And, by offering meaningful recommendations to customers at point of need. How are we different? We use data-driven insights and integrate them with our unique technology that enables structural flexibility. A flexibility that allows financial institutions to create and tailor any financial product – in seconds – to deliver a seamless digital experience at every customer touchpoint whether online, on the phone, or at a branch. Giving banks and fintechs the agility to tailor offerings that become integral to a customer’s lifestyle in new and profound ways, down to the segment of one.