Technisys is headliner at Asobancaria’s 51º Colombian Banking Convention

Event : May 23, 2016

The 51st Colombian Banking Convention takes place on June 2nd and 3rd Cartagena. Hosted by Asobancaria and sponsored by Technisys, this event is considered one of the main forums of discussion on Colombia’s economic development, where banking innovation and digitization play a central role in pushing growth and social inclusion.

During the summit, Technisys executives will be participating of the following:

  • Lecture on Digital Banking (Thursday, June 2nd at 10:15 AM), by German Pugliese Bassi, CMO, cofounder and Aliances at Technisys
  • Presidents’ Luncheon (Thursday, June 2nd at 12:55 PM)

Additionally, Technisys has a VIP Lounge at the venue (located within the commercial fair in Sector S3 of the Convention Center) where attendees can exchange useful information and insights on the future of banking.