Technisys joins America Digital Congress in Santiago, Chile

Event : June 23, 2017

During July 5th and 6th, it will take place in Chile the 3º Congreso Latinoamericano Tecnología y Negocios América Digital 2017, focused on topics as Tics, IoT, mobile, cloud, big data, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Miguel Santos, CEO and co-founder of Technisys, will be presenting in the “Latam Digital Bank Forum” section the speech:
“100% Mobile Bank Success Story – Banco Original x Technisys.”, July 6th from 5:25 pm to 5:55 pm. Espacio Riesco, Nivel -1, Salón II. Santiago de Chile.

Banco Original is a Brazilian bank totally digital, created from scratch in only one year. The bank has managed to change the client’s relationship towards money and was build with a mindset of a big tech company. The platform elected for this innovative model was Cyberbank Core, from Technisys.