Episode 5: FinFluenced with Technisys and Investors Bank
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Episode 5: FinFluenced with Technisys

Dorian Hansen, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Head of Digital Transformation, Operations and the Client Services and Support Group at Investors Bank

When the only constant in life is change, Investors Bank is reimagining what banking can be with a team of curious, innovative, like minded individuals led by Dorian Hansen, our guest on this episode of FinFluenced. 

Dorian joined Investors Bank in late 2017 and since that time has focused on leveraging digital technologies and streamlining bank operations to improve the customer experience.  

In 2019, Dorian and her team successfully launched the Investors eAccess Online Bank, offering certificates of deposit, money market accounts and checking accounts to a nationwide audience. That same year, Dorian and her team also launched the banks’ paperless efforts with new digital products that have made it easier for customers to bank with Investors including a remote check service for businesses, a new Online Escrow Platform, and Zelle, the industry leader in digital payments. 

Dorian has also formed a task force centered around improving and streamlining existing internal processes to bring the Bank to the next level in terms of how they serve customers – making the banking experience friendlier, easier and more efficient for every client.   

Watch this episode of FinFluenced to find out: 

  • How Dorian and her team are making smart technology decisions and investments to stay competitive; 
  • How they’re funding those digital banking technology investments;  
  • Why Dorian believes that collaboration and internal alignment is key to delivering a seamless omnichannel experience; 
  • How the pandemic accelerated the banks’ digital initiatives; and 
  • What Dorian’s #1 piece of advice is for banks on their journey to digital banking transformation. 

We hope you enjoy the episode!