Episode 1: FinFluenced with Technisys | Digital Banking
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Episode 1: FinFluenced with Technisys

Digital Banking Trends: Empathic Banking with Dr. Gail Ferreira

Welcome to the first video podcast in our ‘FinFluenced with Technisys’ series.

In these interviews we will be talking to the banking industry’s biggest “finfluencers” to identify key digital banking trends that banks and fintechs need to be aware of. And we’ll be providing practical advice that firms can use to support and advise their strategic initiatives in 2021 and beyond. 

The first finfluencer that we welcome to this new series is Dr. Gail Ferreira, author, digital technology leader and trusted business advisor.

Gail has built a reputation for leveraging emerging and existing technologies to improve enterprise performance. She is an expert at uncovering market opportunities, defining and executing strategic roadmaps, driving agile transformations from concept through delivery and enabling companies to scale to market demand. She’s guided Fortune 100 healthcare, finance, technology and biotechnology companies through major transitions that helped accelerate product delivery, improve customer experience and optimize business performance.

Her latest book, ‘Leading the Empathic Agile Enterprise’ is available now on Amazon.

We hope you enjoy the interview with Gail, and if you want to be part of this video podcast series send us an email at marketing@technisys.com.