Embedded Finance Event | Technisys Digital Banking Keynote
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FTT Embedded Finance North America 2021

September 1st 2021 9AM – 4PM (PT)

Technisys is a proud sponsor of FTT Embedded Finance North America 2021, a one day virtual event exploring the future of the industry in which the universe of financial services providers is growing rapidly. Financial Institutions, non-financial enterprises, innovative starts ups and technology providers – FTT Embedded Finance convenes an exciting new community that is driving profound change across the industry. Meeting customers – wherever they are – and providing them with near seamless access to a broader range of tailored financial products and services is a vision whose time has come.

Join us on September 1st to become part of the community that is truly re-imagining financial services, and don’t miss the Technisys keynote with Michael Haney, Head of Cyberbank Core.

13:00 – 13:40 Technisys Keynote – The Customizable Bank: Accelerate Growth & Elevate Experience

To better prepare for the future, forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on their greatest asset — customer data — to better “know” their customers and deliver personalized experiences. As the biggest banks move rapidly to deliver personalized experience, 83% of super regional and regional banks are also using third-party vendor solutions. In order to deliver delightful experiences by combining third-party capabilities with analytics capabilities and models to distribute differentiated financial products at scale with greater efficiency. Join us as we discuss how forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on next-gen digital banking innovations to: Reach 86% of customers via self-service channels, achieve 54% growth in sales, deliver meaningful recommendations to customers in real time and rapidly create new financial products, while reducing cost.

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