eBook: AI-Powered Conversational Banking
SoFi Technologies, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Technisys
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eBook: AI-Powered Conversational Banking

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Memorable experiences happen when your customers are not only heard, but also understood.

As financial institutions increasingly embrace digital capabilities, how can they support customer conversations better?

What if you could access a conversational AI engine that recognizes voice and text, understands intent, deciphers different languages and knows when to provide AI or human-based support for every customer engagement?

With AI-powered conversation, frequently asked questions from customers can be addressed easily via a virtual personal assistant, while your call center team can focus on more complex customer inquiries.

Read this eBook to learn:

  • The three top reasons why consumers are embracing AI-powered conversational banking.
  • How to better understand customer sentiment and know when AI or human-based support is needed.
  • Extract valuable insights from customer interactions in real time, assuring an empathic customer experience.

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