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How can FIs support customer conversations better?
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All-In-One Finance: Super Apps or Purpose-Built Digital Banking Experiences?

Virtual Round Table: June 9th, 11am-12pm EST, 2020

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Powerful and lasting customer engagement typically requires three key components: context, consistency and convenience. Consumers no longer see the risk in dealing with niche players, instead, consumers gravitate toward great experiences that just work. They have grown accustomed to no-barrier engagements taking them two minutes, on average, to get what they need (i.e., an app install with instant verification).

Using customer data to offer better financial products than competitors (context), and carrying that knowledge forward throughout the customer journey (consistency), will naturally result in the ease of doing business (convenience).

As a bank, how do you convert users of your banking apps to become loyal, long-term customers that choose your financial products and services, repeatedly? How are you delivering on the promise of “contextual convenience?””

In this thought-provoking roundtable discussion, join your banking peers as we share insights and real-world examples on how banks – large and small – are:

  • Getting started in their digital journeys
  • Redefining the customer experience
  • Creating tailored financial products and distributing them at point of need – when it matters most!
  • Embedding compelling offerings like “”Buy Now, Pay Later”” into the customer journey
  • Providing niche solutions for the gig economy (e.g., immediate deposits per ride for Uber drivers)

Join us as we uncover how digital banking is redefining the customer experience. And, by providing contextual convenience, an integral part of customer lifestyles.

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