Digital Banking Conference VIP Roundtable Summary
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Becoming an Integral Part of Customer Lifestyles: Are BaaS and Embedded Finance the Answer?

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The rise of embedded finance enables any brand or eRetailer to increase revenues by a factor of two to five by offering financial products like “Buy Now, Pay Later” at the point of need, or -purchase. Consumers love the convenience—but should banks fear becoming a ‘dumb pipe’?

During a VIP roundtable discussion at the virtual Digital Banking conference sponsored by Technisys and hosted by American Banker, industry leaders discussed how embedded finance has the capability to disrupt the banking industry and the role that banks play in this new ecosystem.

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  • How important Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and embedded finance really are
  • What the future of financial services looks like as more brands start to embed finance into their service offerings
  • Who will fill the role of hosting BaaS and embedded finance – the big banks, or the big tech companies
  • Who’s in the drivers seat in this new landscape
  • How banks can differentiate to continue to deliver innovation in digital banking versus become a utility
  • Who’s doing embedded finance better right now – fintechs or banks

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