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Cyberbank Special Flavors

Leverage the power of Cyberbank to build powerful yet specific digital banking experiences.

Cyberbank Digital Wallet

Customers want a fast, easy-to-use, secure and seamless payment experience. Cyberbank Digital Wallet allows them to pay for purchases worry-free, without hassles and safely.

You can leverage our Cyberbank platform’s capabilities focusing on innovation, using our cutting-edge technology and superb design.

Technisys can help you increase your business while enhancing your customers’ experience and responding to rapidly changing market demands.

With Cyberbank Digital Wallet, you can build a wallet solution with a rich portfolio of financial services:

  • QR payments
  • Customized payments
  • Tokenized payments
  • P2P payments
  • NFC payments


Reduce friction in the entire journey to increase client satisfaction and digitalization

Take advantage of payment networks and established contact points

Backed-up by a processing platform optimized for high volume

Gain a competitive edge in the market

Realize lower costs by removing the need for intermediaries, in a variety of forms


Cyberbank Safeway

Cyberbank Safeway is a centralized software credential manager that provides multi-factor and multi-channel authentication services, allowing applications to seamlessly support several authentication types. The solution implements a connector-based extendable architecture that allows it to interact with internal and external credential providers.

The credentials types can be grouped on the following:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Digital certificates
  • OTPs
  • String-based (password/ PIN/ secret phrase)

Cyberbank Safeway easily handles multiple types of credentials. The software provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities by combining different authentication credentials types. Depending on the credential linked to a specific user, Cyberbank Safeway can provide 1 FA, 2 FA and 3 FA.

Authentication is a key step in a digital onboarding process, and Cyberbank Safeway provides document data extraction and verification that can be used with a biometric verification as part of a digital onboarding process.


Centralized credential management and access control

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and biometric credentials

Three-way document verification (layout, selfie biometric verification and issuer verification)

Support for several OTP providers and built-in OTP

OpenID authentication integration (ex: Google, Facebook, etc.)


Cyberbank Bank on

Bank On’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account.

Technisys helps America’s banks and financial institutions offer safe, affordable products that meet Bank On’s widely-recognized National Account Standards

We can help you create and offer Bank On certified accounts with features that meet national standards including:

  • Online account opening and deposits
  • Remittances (International wire)
  • Linked saving accounts
  • Bill pay
  • Online banking, mobile banking, banking alerts
  • Credit-building product offerings


Ensure all your customers have access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account

Deliver Bank On accounts that meet national standards

Add value with strongly recommended features

Omnichannel banking solutions for anywhere, anytime access to accounts

Help customers build their credit and make better decisions with their money