Cyberbank Digital | Technisys Digital Banking Platform
SoFi Technologies, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Technisys
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Create Your Digital Ecosystem

Cyberbank Digital enables you to create a digital ecosystem and build exceptional empathic banking experiences for your customers.

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Digital Orchestration

A powerful and flexible BPM engine that lets you model your business processes, express them in BPM standard notation and integrate them into every platform capability.

API Driven Ecosystem

Connect your owned channels with third-party channels. Browse, discover and try new APIs. Designed to be used by any team, partner and developer in your ecosystem.


Turn on new products and services in a matter of hours instead of months with our microservices based architecture.


Enhance the digital experiences you’re building and accelerate time to market with ready-to-use components.

Enhanced Credential Management

Boost your credential management with Safeway, our centralized software credential manager. Our innovative software provides multi-factor and multi-channel authentication services, allowing applications to support several authentication types.

Digital Experiences

Omnichannel Design

Give your customers a consistent experience in any interaction.

Contextual Segmentation

Profiling, geolocation, scheduling, notifications, auditing, authentication, authorization, and more.

Digital Assistants

Enhance the user experience with new technologies including voice and gestures.

Personal and Adaptive CX

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with an adaptive UI that enables you to put your customers in control of their own digital experience.