Cyberbank Konecta | Technisys Conversational AI for Digital Banking
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Conversational AI for Digital Banking

Cyberbank Konecta is our conversational AI engine that empowers banks and FIs to engage and delight customers with a personalized experience at every stage of their journey, across any digital channel. Our AI virtual assistant understands customer sentiment, responds like a human, and reflects your brand persona.

Keep it Conversational!

Engage & delight your customers

Our custom-made AI engine recognizes speech and text, understands intent, deciphers different languages and knows when to provide AI or human-based support for every customer engagement.

AI empathy engine

By using Deep Learning models valuable insights are extracted seamlessly from customer interaction in real time, assuring an empathic customer experience.

Deliver a better customer experience

Multi-channel & multi-language support: Manage all of your digital channels (e.g. web, WhatsApp and Facebook) from the same interface in various languages.

Intelligent and secure customer care

Security is supported with end-to-end encryption. Cyberbank Konecta is always tested against threats and the user's personal data is managed in accordance with local regulations.

Cyberbank Konecta is listening

Easily integrate your virtual assistants to all your customer service channels, such us Google, Facebook, Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, Amazon and more.

Enterprise-ready integrations

Cyberbank Konecta easily integrates with world-class software products for banks, retail, logistics, healthcare and others, such us: Microsoft, Google, Sugarcrm, Avaya, Salesforce and more.

You control your data

Since our on-premise AI engine is hosted on your client’s servers, no data leaves your infrastructure. Keep your customers' data safe with maximum data privacy combined with your company's security measures.

With Cyberbank Konecta you gain

Higher customer engagement

Engage your customers in any interaction.

Reduced call center overload

Your AI virtual assistant manages 80% of FAQs.

Reliable customer support, 24/7

Not only heard, but also understood your customers.

Informed decision-making

Be productive and make decisions in real time.

Expanded reach via ecosystems

Integrates with world-class software products.