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Benefit From Structural Flexibility

Cyberbank Core is the next generation core banking platform that enables retail and commercial banks to accelerate their digital banking efforts and future-proof their businesses. With Cyberbank Core, banks and FIs can create new and innovative products and services based on powerful parameterization tools and a library of ready-to-use capabilities.

Core Banking screens

Jump-Start Your
Digital Banking Journey

Our Starter Kit includes more than 1,500 atomic financial operations and 5,000 workflows that provide reusable financial products, services and customer journeys for retail and commercial banking so you can hit the ground running.

Design Your
Own Business

Cyberbank Core makes it easy to add capabilities, define behaviors and change the product structure quickly and easily by using business-oriented tools and our powerful, parameter-based Product Factory so you can accelerate the time for launching new products.

Deploy Using Container-
Based Architecture

Cyberbank is a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform that is deployed using a container-based architecture to accelerate the time to market for your digital innovations, optimize your infrastructure costs, increase resilience and make it easier to integrate with your own DevOps processes.

Benefit From an API- Centric

Cyberbank Core is designed to automatically expose your business services, enabling banks to build a reliable and strong ecosystem with frictionless and rapid integrations.


Cyberbank Core enables you to maximize the time to value by deploying the platform incrementally, prioritizing services and modules as needed.

Scale With Your
Business as You Go

The platform is optimized and tested for vertical and horizontal scalability so banks can rest assured that no matter how fast they grow, or how many new products they launch, Cyberbank Core can handle it all.


Cyberbank Core can be deployed in as little as three months depending on the scope of your digital banking project.


Cyberbank Core works across multiple currencies, and languages and provide true real-time 24/7 operations.