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Need to Differentiate?
With Structural Flexibility
You Can Do It and Win

Manage every customer interaction and comply with regulations using our robust and secure Cyberbank platform. Leverage the flexibility of Cyberbank to adapt in real time and create empathic digital banking products and services fast.

Quickly turn ideas into reality

Seamlessly change the definition of products

Create unique ecosystems with new and existing financial services

Prepare for continuous next

Cyberbank Helps You Differentiate With:

  • The ability to define new products, services and customer journeys through business-oriented tools
  • An extensive and powerful digital ecosystem
  • Empathic customer experiences with adaptive CX in every point of interaction
  • Integrated data gathering and transformation capabilities
  • An API-centric platform and microservices based architecture
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Cyberbank Next-Gen Core enables you to create and refine products and services dynamically based on your customer’s needs and behaviors. All-in-one modern products plus deposits, loans and payments.

Cyberbank Digital

Cyberbank Digital enables you to create digital ecosystems and build exceptional, empathic digital experiences.

Accelerate Your Digital Banking

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Extensible framework that’s not limited by technology

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Create your digital ecosystem with access to best-in-class integrations

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Cloud native technology allowing you to run and deploy everywhere

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Ultra lightweight architecture

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Scale linearly with 100% stateless architecture

Hit the Ground Running...

Our Starter Kit provides out-of-the-box features to help jump-start your digital journey.

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Digital onboarding

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Retail, commercial and corporate banking

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Savings, checking, TDs and more

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See Our Commitment to Security

We understand that trust and security are a cornerstone of the financial industry. The need to prioritize cybersecurity to mitigate risk, evolve and grow securely has never been greater as banks increase their focus on digital.

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At Technisys we are committed to helping our customers make cybersecurity a priority through:

  • A secure SDLC pipeline that includes SAST and DAST analysis
  • A resilient microservices-based architecture that takes maximum advantage of a distributed infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art encryption algorithms with strong key management schema
  • A high-performance, tamper-resistant auditing system
  • Easy integration with the risk management engines of third parties, including SIEM and risk assessment engines

These characteristics have been audited by independent institutions, and we have been awarded ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certifications.

The Self Defending Bank

Cyberbank is a world-class, risk-integrated platform capable of a proportional threat response.

The platform enables you to:

  • Provide user/transaction specific information
  • Integrate with external risk expert systems
  • Summarize risk indicators
  • Provide a client-defined response to risks

The Self Defending Bank (SDB) concept is our approach to providing banks and financial services companies with a way to prevent fraud. We do this through proactive online, risk-based decision-making.

To achieve this we gather information to create a holistic view of user behavior to feed external fraud analysis engines, and introduce an automatic threat response based on this risk evaluation.

Mission Critical Ready

Digitally Open, Every Hour of Every Day

Cyberbank is designed as a mission critical platform. It enables state-of-the-art disaster recovery protocols and high availability architectures. The platform’s microservice stateless architecture enables you to leverage geographical replication, multi-cloud hybrid deployments and horizontal scalability.

Scale Your Business
With Our Proven Platform

Cyberbank is supremely scalable—easily serving a few hundred users or millions. Regardless of the demand, there is no impact on responsiveness and quality and no increase in overall architecture complexity. With open APIs and cloud technology, you can scale horizontally and leverage elastic and dynamic provisioning of resources. Your investment will grow and shrink linearly with your demand.