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Worldsys is an Argentine company with more than 40 years in the market. The company offers solutions to support needs of financial institutions in terms of qualitative and quantitative information that is reported to controller entities.

Worldsys is recognized today as a leader in compliance systems and solutions for national and international entities.

One of the main applications of Worldsys, Central Data, provides support to financial institutions  to comply with the presentations of “Information Regimes”, optimizing resources and reducing costs significantly.

Central Data requires integration with systems or data sources that provide relevant information for the generation of regulatory reports. Cyberbank includes among its capabilities, serving as a repository of different quantitative and qualitative data linked to customers and their products, and that make up an important source of information for the Central Data module.

Other functionalities that financial institutions can promote through the Worldsys modules and from data provided by Cyberbank, include:

  • A tool in Central Data that allows financial institutions to generate and publish reports from any table or group of tables that have been made.
  • Ability to generate qualitative, explanatory information, reports or lists directly backed up in graphs, all in a simple way from the “Reports Module”.
  • Possibility of attaching documents thus obtaining a documentary support of what has been reported.
  • Module “Information Portal”, where entities can have management information of different types, for different areas and with different levels of access.
  • Some modules have stress testing functions, which allow users to obtain different scenarios and yield results from each of them.
  • All the modules of “Information Regimes” have calculations and validations that simplify the generation and control of reports.
  • “On Demand” mode, which offers the possibility of installing the entire system and using what is required, at the time and for as long as necessary.

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