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Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, VU Security is a cybersecurity company created to improve the quality of life of both users and banks, building digital experiences without friction. Its products combine traditional cybersecurity controls with biometrics, geolocation, machine learning and user behavior analytics without giving up a user-friendly and seamless experience.

The integration of Cyberbank and VU Security ensures a strong banking cybersecurity framework, consolidating end-to-end security for every part of the digital onboarding process cycle and more.

The integration of VU Security and Cyberbank can help: 

  • Prevent Fraud: Cyberbank’s Risk Evaluation Engine (REE) integrates VU Prevention Fraud module to prevent fraudulent transfers, covering an important module of the many capabilities that the self-defending banking platform has.
  • Provide Multi-factor Authentication Framework: Cyberbank integrates VU into the platform engine to provide customers with access to a multi-factor authentication framework that centralizes user policies, passwords and their traceability. Also providing a flexible, simple and personalized scheme when implementing a second factor system in the cloud through any device with Internet access. 
  • Generate Dual-Factor Security: The integration with Cyberbank seamlessly provides a dual-factor authentication system, as it uses the customer’s smartphone as hardware support. This way end users have the guarantee that no malicious person will be able to capture their credentials and then use them in a fraud or theft of bank information (phishing), making the homebanking a safe place.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimizes investment and costs of technical and human resources.
  • Avoids phishing, pharming and identity attacks, among others.
  • It complies with the requirements of all banking and transactional regulatory bodies in Latin America. 
  • Analyze transactions made in the Mobile and Web apps 
  • User’s fingerprints administration: add fingerprint to users, execute validations.
  • Anti-money laundering capabilities.
  • Fraud prevention through the use of Machine Learning in order to detect fraudulent operations.

Key Features:

  • Create, register, validate, block and unblock users, and add access control service groups.
  • Enable and disable users and types of authentication factors.
  • Provide unique codes (one time passwords), assigned to the user in the VU™ Mobile Tokens system.
  • Validate credentials.
  • Analyze transactions, events, and analyze and validate fingerprints.

VU Security can support:

  • Remote Identification supported for IOs and Android to complete the onboarding management cycle of Cyberbank.
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention through biometrical identification like facial recognition.
  • Proof of life with remote identification through voice recognition.
  • Simultaneous handling of multiple identification factors.
  • Integration: 
    • API REST
    • Radius
    • Syslog
    • Nagios
  • Access Management
    • Active Directory
    • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Management of records and report
    • Kibana
    • PowerBI

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