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Visa DPS is an American multinational financial services company that facilitates electronic payment systems around the world. 

With a stocked menu of different payment verticals Visa DPS integrates to Cyberbank to meet a need for both banking clients, as those who cannot join a bank. Offering a payment method that connects with multinational entities such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, a variety of videogames and other services that support Visa. All this through prepaid cards, which open up a huge market opportunity for every Financial Institution.

The integration of Visa Debit Card and Cyberbank helps:

  • Offer an account and card that work with every multinational businesses that supports Visa.
  • Seamlessly integrate Visa Debit cards into the mobile app.
  • Direct access to user account money.
  • Check balance and statement into Cyberbank web and mobile banking app.

The integration of Visa Prepaid Card and Cyberbank helps: 

  • Integrates new customers who previously could not enter the bank due to the different barriers of entry.
  • Create a holistic, innovative and friendly payment environment, offering a variety of solutions powered by Cyberbank.
  • Deliver an additional payment method at Cyberbank, allowing customers to be included in a greater number of services and businesses.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible solution that adapts to any payment strategy, Visa Cards are modular, scalable and integrable by an API.
  • Visa Cards supports Mobile Wallet and contactless EMV payments.
  • Visa module has a dedicated and specialized infrastructure to support business growth and any demand required.

Key Features:

  • Mobile wallet and physical card availability.
  • Easy balance management for different accounts in one spot
  • Easy access to local cash for travelers.
  • Supported remittance, money payments transferred to another party
  • Funds disbursement.

Visa cards can support:

  • Possibility of payment for different national and international entities.
  • Charges of money in associated establishments.
  • Charging money online.
  • Multi-currency prepaid card lock in the exchange rate.
  • ATM access in 200+ countries.
  • Money transfer to users’ contacts, friends, family, businesses and more.
  • Full suite of integrated value-add services:
    • Contact Centers: Visa operated 24/7 contact centers that provide support for card activation, PIN set/reset, lost/stolen cards, tokens, fraud, mobile, and other solutions.
    • Dispute Management Services: Visa provides multiple options, from shared support to using Visa to manage on your behalf.
    • Card Management: Visa provides an array of solutions, ranging from owning the relationship with the vendor to using Visa to manage the entire process and relationship with the vendor.

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