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Coming from São Paulo, Brazil, Uplexis specializes in emerging technologies to analyze and interpret large data volumes extracted from the Web and other knowledge bases. Its mission is to provide intelligence for business operations where relevant information plays a critical role in decision-making, generating competitive advantages and improving organizational efficiency.

In a scenario where fraud is recurrent, the search for information that prevents this type of activities becomes crucial. Thanks to the Uplexis anti-fraud platform, banks can prevent and mitigate risks, recover important assets, and perform automated credit analyses by crossing data from different information sources.

The benefits of Uplexis anti-fraud platform include:

Dossiers: It allows financial institutions to obtain detailed and customized reports with information and indicators from different credit risk information sources.

Simplified registration form: When a new user logs in, a simplified report containing registration data, financial issues, and key indicators is displayed for fast decision-making.  

Identity validator: The system validates each user identity by checking their respective ID card.

Uplink: This is a powerful solution to graphically visualize direct and indirect links among users, companies, and complex economic groups. By using this tool, you can monitor the relationships between partners, legal representatives, family members, neighbors, and related parties. You can also identify the final beneficiary, politically exposed persons (PEP), and financial issues, in order to mitigate any conflicts of interest.

Uplexis is in charge of delivering key information issued through the Cyberbank platform for a joint work with REE (Risk Evaluation Engine), which is the microservice in charge of formulating our Self-Defending Banking.

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