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Trulioo is a Canadian-based company that provides electronic identity and address verification of both individuals and businesses. Trulioo customers use the service to verify the identity of their own customers as part of ‘Know Your Customer’ verification.

Providing a good onboarding experience is the crucial first step in winning and keeping customers. The Cyberbank and Trulioo integration seamlessly supports the onboarding of verified customers and performs Enhanced Due Diligence to help mitigate risk. The integration enables banks and financial institutions to streamline their customer onboarding process without compromising convenience or reliability. 

Through our integration with Trulioo’s identity verification services, onboarding includes state of the art services to validate data such as names, addresses, dates of birth, mobile numbers or national ID numbers, with reliable and independent data sources, matching results in real time.


The integration of Trulioo and Cyberbank can help:

  • Ensure ID requirements are met for simplified AML/KYC regulatory compliance
  • Onboard customers faster with real-time and reliable online identity verification
  • Make account application and opening process easier for new customers
  • Establish a high level of trust for customers and regulators
  • Complete watch list verifications to help comply with domestic and international AML, Counter Terrorist Finance and sanctions enforcement regulations

Key Benefits: 

  • Provide a fast onboarding experience 
  • Be 100% digital with no personal visits required 
  • Be available on a mobile, tablet or laptop 
  • Be 100% paperless with no paper forms or contracts to sign 

Key Features: 

Identity verification systems play a key role in the customer onboarding process. Banks that integrate these systems into their digital apps can create a superior onboarding experience, while also helping meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance obligations.

Verifying ID documents online is also a key step in the customer onboarding process and banks need to do it effectively. With this integration, banks can onboard legitimate customers quickly and securely through intuitive image capture and automated verification technology.

Trulioo’s ID Document verification solution connects banks to a network of identity verification services to offer the most comprehensive global coverage for ID document verification. The solution captures, analyzes and authenticates over 4,200 types of identity documents for customers in nearly every country worldwide Effective ID document verification also means having the confidence that banks are catching forged, expired and stolen IDs before they can be used to commit fraud.

Trulioo’s GlobalGateway can support:

  • Identity Verification: Verify identity data against global data sources. Build trust online while enabling seamless onboarding
  • ID Document Verification: Capture and authenticate ID document images and verify users. Reduce fraud and limit abandonment
  • Business Verification: Verify business details and identify business owners to assess the level of risk associated with the entity

GlobalGateway gives banks the flexibility to design the identity verification workflow that fits their business needs, no matter the use case or customer journey.

  • Customize rulesets: Banks can adapt to regulations based on industry, region and transaction amounts. Pick the verification rules that help them onboard more customers while reducing manual verification and maintaining compliance. 
  • Combine verification services: Verify ID documents along with identity data for added risk reduction and user authentication. The identity data can also be screened against global watchlists and sanctions lists.

Integrate any way. Banks can choose between three flexible options for connecting to GlobalGateway. 

GlobalGateway can be deployed through a normalized API, an offline batch process or using the real time web portal.

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