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Strands is a Fintech partner that develops digital money management solutions, with the mission to enable banks to anticipate customer needs and proactively suggest actions to increase long term value for them. Its products combine Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning with a user-friendly and seamless experience.

The integration of Cyberbank with Strands, gives a tool that brings the customer closer to the world of digital banking, where the customer is able to improve their finances by strongly impacting loyalty with the bank. All the visualizations and dashboards are integrated in a friendly way with Cyberbank Platform, giving total control of the apps and web to the client.

The integration of Strands and Cyberbank can help: 

  • Enable Personal Financial Management capabilities: Cyberbank integrates Strands to provide a financial wellness system that encompasses everything the customer needs to improve their banking experience. Financial Control is driven by Artificial Intelligence, providing smarter money management for the customer, better bank-user involvement and greater share of wallet for the bank.
  • Through the processing and sending of customer information by Cyberbank, the bank’s decision-making to deliver better products and better strategies is secured and powered through AI, giving prediction results much more accurately than other tools. 

Key Benefits:

  • User Empowerment: The tool is able to process the information of multiple accounts of the user, which allows to know their behaviors such as spending money, payment of accounts and other activities, in order to give better advice, and the creation of time-bound plans to achieve goals.
  • Smarter Spender: The tool gives visual insights about where every cent goes each month and the ability to benchmark with peers, whilst promoting smarter spending for each user.
  • Personalized Alerts: Personalized alerts can be setted to make better offers and recommendations. Anticipate and avoid potential issues whilst improving the money management habits of the clients.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with any online and core banking system.
  • Improved quantity, quality and duration of interactions.
  • The domino effect of PFM: more touchpoints → higher engagement → increased loyalty and retention → more revenue generated through web and mobile channels.
  • Increase in customer long-term value.

Strands can support:

  • Data Aggregation: Allowing users to view all the accounts of different banks in one place.
  • Scheduled payments and organization tools (calendar).
  • Native SDK for Android and IOS.
  • Integrated UX with its own widgets.

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