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Salesforce  is a global Cloud Computing company providing business software to banking and other industries. Famous for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it offers financial institutions the ability to better understand their customers. This allows for an actual and personalized connection with each user.

The integration of Salesforce into Cyberbank generates a range of possibilities and functionalities that contribute to generating personalized user experiences through the Web and Mobile platforms provided by Technisys, thus building data-based customer loyalty.  

The integration of Salesforce into Cyberbank allows: 

  • Generating personalized customer service experiences: sales agents can make better decisions to sell financial products based on the data provided by Cyberbank and processed by Salesforce.
  • Using multiple channels to serve each customer or, in other words, interacting in all channels generated by Cyberbank.
  • Empowering Cyberbank’s marketing campaign system to more efficiently meet customer needs and offer tailored products to each and all of them.

Key Benefits:

  • Agility in customer relationship: Process automation enables Cyberbank’s platform to offer services that increase the daily productivity of financial institutions.
  • The platform becomes intelligent: The joint work between Cyberbank and CRM allows collecting resources accurately by processing and interpreting diverse customer data. In addition, the platform offers updated information on users’ progress at the sales stages, enabling accurate monitoring of marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives. 
  • Easy customer service management: With a CRM especially built for banking, the ability to fully manage customer care is a simple step. Together, Salesforce CRM and Cyberbank enable financial institutions to generate ad hoc strategies by understanding the customer journey through channels and services, increasing their satisfaction levels. This starts with the onboarding process and ends with every solution presented to the customer.

Key Features:

  • It centralizes in just one place all relevant information obtained from Cyberbank, for an agile use of information.
  • By using the applications, the platform configures push notifications to start the sales process with offers especially created for each user.
  • Behavioral understanding service based on Artificial Intelligence, which learns based on the user experience, becoming increasingly assertive. 
  • The platform allows gathering every task to be performed by sales agents during the day, storing each user information for personalized attention, analyzing the customer interests and needs.

Salesforce provides support by:

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  • Empowering sales teams to perform customer-focused work.
  • Facilitating the task of marketing teams: delivering campaigns according to each customer.
  • Easily integrating with the platform by using Rest API.
  • Creating simple, seamless business experiences that help increase revenue, engage customers, and connect sales to the rest of the business.
  • Providing consistent, personalized support for every customer interaction. Automating everything from services to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots.

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