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The RENAPER is the state agency that carries out the identification and registration of people living in Argentina.. The institution maintains a permanent and up-to-date register of people’s most important backgrounds, from birth and through the different stages of their lives, protecting the right to identity.

Based on technological and digital development, Cyberbank integrates the Digital Identity System (SID) of RENAPER to manage the remote validation of a person’s identity data, in real time, through biometric authentication factors (facial recognition), and photograph of the national identity document (DNI).

The integration of Cyberbank and RENAPER, can enhance a frictionless experience for the customer when they open an  account, and also supports:

  • Take pictures of the front and back of the document of people and the document processing number,.
  • Take a selfie photo as proof of life.
  • Evaluate the photographs of the document and establish a percentage of veracity of the same. Then make the query to the facial biometrics service of RENAPER, to obtain the final validation of the identity validation process of the person..

The RENAPER system also has the following technical security features:

  • Application-level, layer 7 firewall.
  • Information stored in databases encrypted by the AES256 algorithm.
  • Validation of consumer legitimacy from the API, using API Keys.
  • Network-level communications are performed over HTTPS TLS 1.2 channels.
  • Connectivity between Azure and RENAPER secured by an Ipsec-type VPN tunnel.

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