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Red Link is an Argentine company with 30 years of experience leading large-scale IT and processing services, with certifications worldwide. The company interconnects people with financial entities and businesses through products and services such as Red Link, Link Pagos, and Pagar.

The integration of Cyberbank and Red Link allows enhancing the customer experience in these usual processes: payment of utility bills, recharges, transfers, and other payment transactions, whether through web or mobile channels.

The integration of Cyberbank with Red Link provides:

  • Extensive coverage to pay services electronically: Through the integration with Link Pagos, customers can pay more than 5,000 taxes and services, credit card, transportation cards (SUBE, Movi, Saeta, Red Bus Mendoza), and prepaid services (prepaid Direct TV, PIM), in a simple and secure way, 24 hours a day.
  • Access to the Red Link network: Enabling the processing of immediate transfers between Argentine banking system accounts and the management of CBUs (Single Banking Code) and Account Alias Keys.
  • Access to Debin/Credin operations: Allowing customers to generate immediate transfer orders or to schedule the automatic acceptance of future orders.

Main Benefits:

  • The most important payment platform in Argentina (Link Pagos), with more than 5,800 member companies and institutions and 3.8MM users executing more than 14MM monthly payments. 
  • A robust, efficient, and well-known payment gateway in the market, which enables instant processing of online transactions carried out through more than 50 payment methods with the highest security standards.
  • The platform provides capabilities to verify account ownership, validating the correspondence of CBU/CVU (Virtual Uniform Key)/Account Alias Keys, and their associated CUIL/CUIT (Unique Labor/Tax Identification Code) while processing transactions.

Key Features:

  • Link Pagos:
    • Easy access through username and password.
    • The system is able to save, order, and print vouchers.
    • It sends account expiration alerts.
    • Cards and invoices are all in one place for quick and easy access, saving the information for future payments.
  • Red Link:
    • Allows check and cash deposits.
    • Password management: Bank, shopping, PIN, Link Pagos, Red Link Móvil, Todo Pago, AFIP/ Clave Ciudad, and Token SMS.
    • Allows transfers to third parties and to other proprietary accounts.
    • Money withdrawals.
    • Access to personal loans connected to the bank information and policies.
    • Issuance of social security vouchers.
  • Pagar:
    • Payments and sales through different channels.
    • Money crediting management.
    • Secure transactions, with no contracts or fixed costs.
    • Creation of payment buttons.
    • Payment by e-mail, social networks, and SMS.
    • Generation of documentation associated with purchases and sales.

The range of services offered by LINK includes:

  • Card and network processing: LINK is both an issuer and an acquirer of national and international payment methods (open and private label brands), and an ATM manager (both locally and internationally).
  • Acquirer of Visa, MasterCard, and Cabal brands.
  • It provides automatic debit management and reconciliation services.
  • Pos network service (LaPos) and more than 60 brands.
  • It also captures private label transactions: benefit programs, loyalty programs, healthcare services, etc.
  • Other value-added solutions:
    • Security and fraud prevention and risk management.
    • Chargeback management.
    • Authentication services.
    • Scoring services, etc.
    • Telemarketing and Customer Care services.
    • Loyalty programs

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