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Based in Argentina, Prisma is a leading payment technology company, connecting people with financial institutions and stores  through products and services such as Banelco and PagoMisCuentas.

The integration of Cyberbank and Prisma, allows to improve the customer experience at the point of sale,  such as when paying bills, doing transfers and other payment operations, in web or mobile channels.

Cyberbank’s integration with Prisma provides:

  • Wide coverage for electronic payment of services: through the integration with PagoMisCuentas, customers can access to pay more than 5,000 taxes and services, credit card payments, transport cards (SUBE, Movi, Saeta, Red Bus Mendoza), and prepaid services (Prepaid DirectTV, PIM); in a simple and secure way, 24/7.
  • Access to the Banelco network: enabling the processing of immediate transfers between accounts of the Argentine banking system and the management of bank codes, purchases, PIN, PagoMisCuentas, AFIP/Clave Ciudad and SMS token.
  • Access to Debin/Credin operations: enabling customers the possibility to generate orders for immediate transfers or schedule the automatic acceptance of future orders.

Main Benefits:

  • Argentina’s most important payment platform (PagoMisCuentas), made up of more than 5,800 member companies and institutions and 3.8 million users who execute more than 14 million monthly payments.
  • Payment gateway, robust, efficient and known in the market, which enables the instant processing and with high security standards, of online transactions made with more than 50 means of payment.

The range of services that Prisma offers:

  • ATM and TAS network: management of the most important network in the country, with more than 7,000 ATMs and 35 types of transactions available.
  • Non-financial card processing: capture and processing of benefit programs, miles, medical insurance and other programs not linked to payments.
  • Card embossing and customization: ability to emboss more than 2.8 million cards per month, recording cards with EMV chip and band, printing with customization, issuance of coordinate cards.
  • Solutions in credit, debit and prepaid cards: Prisma provides an end-to-end solution in the issuance and administration of all types of cards, based on modular applications by product, segment or item.
  • Solutions for micropayments: using contactless technology and virtual accounts, Prisma can simplify the payment experience of customers at the point of sale.
  • Payment technologies: Prisma provides solutions in tokenization, biometrics, IoT, mPOS, digital wallet payments and QR, among others.
  • Customer service: the company offers technical innovation and resources that allow it to establish an omnichannel relationship with the customer: call center, back office, IVR, web /mobile.
  • Fraud prevention and cybersecurity: Prisma offers solutions to prevent, detect and respond to possible fraud situations through innovative biometrics technologies, double factor authentication, digital signature, tokenization, key management, scoring, device fingerprint evaluation, digital onboarding and an internationally recognized CSIRT team.
  • Other solutions that provide added value:
    • Management of backloads.
    • Authentication services.
    • Scoring services.
    • Telemarketing services.
    • Loyalty programs.

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