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Based in the United States, Payveris operates a cloud-based digital payment and money transfer platform to help financial institutions around the globe. 

From a platform-centric model, Payveris creates The MoveMoney Platform, an Open API cloud-based system that enables FIs to control, simplify and extend digital money movement capabilities to any application or device while lowering user experience friction, significantly reducing operating costs and impacting in the IT return of investment.

The Cyberbank and Payveris integration help Financial Institutions to deliver a strong and well covered payment ecosystem for its customers. 

The integration of Payveris and Cyberbank can help: 

  • Combine all fintech products into one unified payment center through open-APIs
  • Financial Institutions can offer P2P payments and all customers/members access to send money directly to their contacts, using just the phone number or the email address
  • Integrations into your mobile, app or web all of these capabilities to ensure an holistic experience combining Cyberbank and Payveris Microservices

Key Benefits:

  • Bill Payments from any device in one platform, with instant payments or scheduled payments
  • Money Transfers directly and secure to any customer’s contact
  • The proprietary PaySafeSM settlement process comes with integrated fraud mitigation tools, with this, recipients can get their money safely and securely

Key Features:

  • Financial Institutions can deliver an unlimited range of innovative digital payment and money movement services including stand-alone or integrated payments, transfers, and disbursements through the robust library of APIs
  • Bill payments were never easier to make; this microservice can perform: 
    • Friction-free enrollment
    • Quick-pay
    • Multi-pay
    • Recurring and scheduled payments
    • Instant bill presentment with auto-pay
    • Integrated payment calendar
    • Solid search capabilities
  • The PaySafeSM proprietary tool is created to mitigate fraud and risk while generating cost reductions. This Cyberbank and Payveris integration fully assured the security of payments and money movements

Payveris MoneyMovement can support:

  • Consumer Bill Payments and Presentment
  • P2P Transfers
  • A2A Transfers
  • Safepay File

Payveris MoneyMovement Platform and Cyberbank gives banks a flexible infrastructure where all the payment use cases needed will be covered, integrated as an API, Widget or Single Sign-On.

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