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Based in Utah, United States, MX Technologies is a fintech company that aims to connect people with their financial data in a way that automates their money experience. It enables fintech and all financial institutions with aggregating, enhancing, analyzing, presenting, and acting on financial data.

The integration of Cyberbank and MX drives customer-centric banking relationships by gathering and providing data, and transforming it into useful information, which makes it possible to create profitable account holders.

The integration of MX and Cyberbank can help: 

  • PFM: Customers can make better financial decisions in real-time with AI-driven personalized insights, all the data covered by Cyberbank and pushed to the MX engines
  • Data Aggregation: Sometimes also known as financial data aggregation is a method that involves compiling information from different accounts, which may include bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and other consumer or business accounts, into a single place
  • Analytics: AI decisions with real-time insights into customer financial data, to empower businesses to create strategies based on customer metrics

Key Benefits:

  • Increase adoption and engagement with an easy-to-use UI and personalized insights. With financial health scores, organizations can easily segment customers based on individual needs to provide customized offers and messages that empower their customers to be financially strong
  • All in one place, with data aggregation customers can link their accounts and manage all data included in the different financial institutions in which they are affiliated, just adding their banking credentials into the platform
  • The analytics service can reveal information crucial to the development of product offerings that meet the needs of customers, and impacting on strategic points of the customer journey

Key Features:

  • MX’s PFM solution: MoneyMap, can be securely integrated into digital banking products, providing customers with a seamless experience for viewing all their data in a single platform
  • Connect accounts: With financial data aggregation customers can view all their accounts in one place
  • Subscription tracking: Automatically detects subscriptions, monthly costs, the yearly total for each subscription, and will notify the customer of any increase or decrease in monthly costs
  • Economy insights: View each transaction by income and spending categories with a powerful UI
  • AI: Real-time AI-driven financial insights and advice, also self-learning analytics continuously improve what information is presented
  • Communication: Notifications and alerts from across all accounts

MX can support:

  • MX MoneyMap supports modules like budgeting, account aggregation, auto-categorization, debt management, and other features that drive profitable growth
  • With account aggregation financial institutions can access to:
    • Transactions
    • Investments
    • Account Verification
    • Identity Verification
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Balances
    • PDF Statements
  • Open Bank connections replacing credentials with tokens
  • MX Connect Widget increases the number of accounts aggregated per user with a backend that increases aggregation rates, and a user interface that prompts users to connect more accounts
  • Increase share of wallet: Competitive dashboards give visibility into where customers hold other accounts, account types, balances, and interest rates, allowing you to target them with relevant offers and incentives

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