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From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Koibanx is a company that provides smart contract solutions and Blockchain services.

Since 2015, KoiBanx has led the technological innovation of Argentine financial industry. By means of a blockchain-based platform, it enables tokenized payments, invoicing and loyalty processing at lower transaction costs and faster setting times.

In the current age of digital purchasing, innovation is crucial to improve capabilities on banking competencies. Technisys integrates KoiBanx with Cyberbank, allowing bank users to use cryptocurrency through digital wallet identification related to an assigned account, which allows users to exchange currencies from their accounts and also buy cryptocurrencies to be used in e-business.

KoiBanx integration with Cyberbank makes it possible to:

  • Set up a new management module of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the web app and mobile app.
  • Create currency exchange accounts to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • Use cryptocurrencies through a completely transparent and auditable blockchain system to protect the client’s integrity.
  • Use different types of cryptocurrencies according to the user’s preferences.

Key Benefits:

  • Cyberbank platform, combined with Koibanx, allows bank users to tokenize assets, transforming money into digital tokens, which are registered in the blockchain system. These transactions are safely made in the ecosystem at lower costs.
  • Smart contracts are tools that allow banks and users to define how the assets transformed into tokens will be used. They allow them to set up rules, flows and choose the parties, to make transparent transactions. For example, it is possible to automate money transfers from a company account to the employees’ accounts, calculating the transfers amounts according to the specifications required by the company, from the moment a specific amount of money is in the company account. Each smart contract is flexible and has features defined by the client.
  • Token transactions are audited from beginning to end in real time, enabling an accurate control of each transaction in the system. Thus, every client can define the address and the account for the transfer and have evidence of withdrawals and deposits.
  • The transactions made in the network and between accounts belonging to the same bank take less time to be credited.
  • When transfers are made to accounts from other banks or outside the tokens network, the digital asset is destroyed and transferred according to the traditional network and at regular fees.

Key Features:

  • Remittance System: The remittance module enables banks and clients to make payments, charges, and personal or corporate remittances between Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, at lower fees and at international transaction costs, by means of crypto in the Cyberbkank and KoiBanx backoffice layer. It also enables users and transaction beneficiaries to operate in their local currency.  
  • Unified Payment System: Bank users and businesses related to the ecosystem will be able to make transfers to and receive money from any bank or digital wallet without leaving the app or website where online purchases are made.
  • Audit and Control: It allows reconciling and auditing transactions between accounts automatically. Each user can inform about his payments and transactions under a Blockchain work scheme through which he determines the parties involved, reconciliation rules, debt limits to incur, and the system displays automatically the balance and account statement.
  • Preset Rewards: Cyberbank allows creating multiple rewards programs under flexible parameters. Together with KoiBanx’s capabilities, the loyalty module will enable users to set up dynamic allocation rules, due dates, and reconciliation for each user segment; it also allows the conversion from points to pesos and vice versa.  
  • Verification and Transparency System: The integration enables the certification, signature, and notarization of documents upon every blockchain protocol. It allows users to safeguard relevant information about transaction processes. In addition, the system registers the date and signing parties.

KoiBanx helps to:

  • Ensure transparency and regulate every transaction by means of smart contracts set up according to the needs of each client and financial institution.
  • Provide a system of payments and transfers which may be internal, external or international at low transfer fees.
  • Enable financial institutions to enter the blockchain ecosystem, providing them a unique opportunity to grow, since it is in continual expansion in the banking industry.
  • Transform and tokenize the assets of the clients’ accounts, digitalizing their capital and allowing them to make transactions in the blockchain network.

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