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Introduced and created by the giant Google in 2006, Google Analytics is a free solution for analytics, leader in measuring metrics for web traffic, website tracking, blog and social networks.

Cyberbank integrates Google Analytics to deliver key details about customer behavior on banking websites.

The integration of Google Analytics in Cyberbank facilitates:

  • Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager within the web app provided by Cyberbank for banking customers, allowing the configuration of monitoring of each area of the web that banks want to analyze to obtain powerful metrics that improve the user experience.
  • Integrate within Cyberbank dashboards the live visualization of customer behavior metrics, which allows banks to manage more quickly the actions of follow-up, monitoring and detection of site improvements.
  • Generate unique codes for the identification of each user associated with a user ID, as metrics that support the generation of marketing strategies, complementing the Cyberbank Marketing Campaigns module.

Key benefits:

  • The Google Tag Manager tool allows banks to enhance the development of websites by improving the customer journey and identifying errors, as well as the use that each user gives to the page.
  • The monitoring of used and unused products provides a great competitive advantage to banks, allowing them to better manage the efforts of each product.
  • Users access a virtual environment that is friendlier and that fits their needs.

Main Features:

  • Monitoring of behavior live and through dashboards.
  • Monitoring of specific website flows.
  • Monitoring key factors such as:
    • Number of visits.
    • Session duration.
    • Sources of traffic.
    • Preferred user sections.
    • Device from which the site is accessed.

Google Analytics also allows:

  • Use of Rest APIs for integration.
  • Compatibility with the rest of Google’s tools.
  • Data collection using a combination of cookies, browsers, and JavaScript code.
  • Reporting capabilities.
  • Generation of objectives for the understanding of user interactions with web and mobile apps.

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