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Founded in 2012, (and formerly SaleMove), Glia enables companies to deliver an in-person customer experience online. Through Glia, companies can identify and engage their highest-value web visitors through video, voice, chat, and co-browsing to increase online conversions and improve customer support.

Financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and insurance companies are mostly customer-focused, and are among Glia’s best clients. These institutions are committed to providing outstanding service, and their users increasingly prefer to conduct business online.

Within its product portfolio, Glia offers co-browsing capabilities, a method of screen sharing characterized by the simultaneous browsing of a single webpage by two or more individuals in real-time. 

Whether on its own, or coupled with other mediums of visual engagement, like video chat, CoBrowsing provides rich visual context, which creates a deeper level of engagement and more successful online sales and support conversations.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Online Conversion: innovative organizations began to experiment with CoBrowsing as a tool to increase online sales and conversions.
  • Improve Next Issue Avoidance: with CoBrowse technology, an agent can simply show the customer where to navigate, reducing the customer confusion or mistakes that can lead to additional time to resolve issues.
  • Exceed Customer Expectations: co-browsings allows to decrease average handle time (AHT) and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) in customer support.

Key Features:

  • Resolve customer issues faster: co-browsing provides valuable visual context and allows organizations to “show” not just to “tell” – leading to decreased average handle time and more satisfied customers.
  • Observe customer issues in real-time: leveraging co-browsing’s “Observation” mode, organizations can see customer issues before the customer engagement even begins.
  • Add a new dimension to inbound phone calls: Glia’s standalone CoBrowsing solution, allows companies to marry inbound support calls with the web browsing sessions those calls originated from.
  • Plug the leaks in organization’s online funnels: complex transactions or lengthy forms often provide customers with numerous exit opportunities. Co-browsing allows organizations to guide customers through these drop-off points, increasing conversion significantly.

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