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Founded in 1956 in San Jose, California, FICO also known as Fair Isaac Corporation Offers, provides products and services that enable companies to automate, improve and connect decisions to drive business performance. The system offers software and analytical tools for banking that manage risks, combat fraud, build more beneficial relationships with customers, optimize operations, and comply with strict government regulations.

The FICO system offers capabilities for:

Identity and authentication: integration with FICO allows customers to open accounts and be able to authenticate on each subsequent interaction in order to prevent identity fraud and ensure identity authentication, preventing account theft and identity theft.

Payment fraud: Provided with artificial intelligence and using machine learning, the tools developed by FICO intuitively classify legitimate and fraudulent financial transactions, while recognizing individual consumer behavior preferences for a convenient and secure experience, analyzing payment types from Wire (SWIFT, Clearing house) to real-time payments (PIX, SEPA, UK faster Payments).

Anti-money laundering: FICO powers Anti-Money Laundering (AML) banking programs with a full suite of built applications that improve the accuracy of banks decisions with advanced machine learning, leveraging the right data at the right time. Lower total cost of ownership with efficiency and improvements in all aspects of compliance, as well as integrations with digital identity, fraud, and credit risk solutions.

Fraud alerts: FICO is a platform that has omnichannel communication capabilities with bank customers. Using tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, decisions and alerts are issued based on behavioral data.

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