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Facephi is a company founded in 2012 in Alicante, Spain. Specialized in biometrics and identity identification, it is a leading company with a presence in more than 25 countries.

Cyberbank integrates Facephi to complete the digital onboarding cycle from end to end, allowing each user to open banking accounts quickly, easily and securely, protecting the identity of each user and avoiding fraud.

The integration of Facephi with Technisys allows:

  • Improve the end user experience in Cyberbank in the processes for creation of customers and new bank accounts, validating the identity of each person through the integration with SelphID, capturing the ID document and a selfie, to complete the onboarding cycle at a vital point.
  • Validate the identity of live users, using real-time life tests.
  • Facilitate the login process in mobile channels, through facial recognition.

Key benefits:

  • Creation and opening of accounts quickly and securely.
  • Proof of life through mobile or web devices that protect users.
  • Delivery of a complete digital onboarding process.
  • Video recognition allows banks to save the biometric information of each user, and then with no need for more than a selfie to login the app.

Main Features:

  • Opening bank accounts capturing ID document and selfie.
  • SelphID uses the best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system.
  • Facial comparison between ID document and selfie.
  • Contrast of information with government databases.
  • Verification of document morphology to avoid fraud.
  • Encrypted and tokenized pattern.
  • Detector of photographs and videos.
  • Compatibility with all documents and passports.

Facephi also allows:

  • Integration through SDK.
  • Supports the capture process through desktop, web and mobile apps.
  • Supports use of webcam and mobile device camera.

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