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Evertec is a leading electronic transactions and technology company with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Its solution for risk management, addressing behavioral and pattern detection for fraud prevention and automatic decision-making based on customer history and information about their environment.

Cyberbank’s integration with Evertec’s solution enhances the capabilities of banks and financial institutions to protect accounts, through a fraud prevention system that feeds on the data managed in Cyberbank, in order to deliver detailed case-by-case reports on customer behavior and alert to anomalies or risk situations.

The integration of Cyberbank and Evertec makes it possible to:

  • Evaluate possible frauds from the monitoring of customer behavior, simply by sending the data of movements and actions of the client to the risk engine, to obtain evaluation and provide results.
  • Generate a secure environment for each client, where all purchases, payments and transactions processed by the Cyberbank platform are analyzed to prevent attacks.
  • Send alerts by means of Push notifications or blocking of products through the channels established by Cyberbank (Web, Mobile).

Key Benefits:

  • Protection against all transactions from fraud on financial products, identity theft, card not present, and internal fraud.
  • The integration allows the analysis of both banking and non-bank transactions.
  • The system operates according to the PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) standard.

Main Features:

  • The dual editor for rules to support alerts and authorizations, allows the creation of rules at the graphic level, as well as the direct writing of expressions.
  • Machine learning-based tools for detecting unusual behaviors.
  • Automatic actions that allow banks to detect a suspicious case, push notification or generate locks, with a single rule.
  • The solution is integrated with Google Maps to visualize transaction coordinates and use Street View for analysis.

Evertec also supports:

  • Generation of reports that can be exported easily to create dashboards.
  • Ambient simulation to create specific use cases generated to get responses from the risk engine.
  • Use of a sandbox that allows banks to test new use cases before releasing them to production, avoiding possible collateral damage to customers.

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