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From Fairfax, Virginia, USA, Daon is an innovative company aimed at developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide.

It has been a pioneer in methods to combine, in a secure and practical way, biometric and identity capabilities through multiple channels with large-scale deployment covering payment verification, digital banking, wealth, insurance, telecommunications, border security, and critical infrastructure.

Daon X Identification platform provides a digital security experience that is inclusive and reliable; it enables the creation, authentication, and recovery of a user’s identity. In addition, it allows companies to make reliable transactions with any customer through any means.

Cyberbank integrates DAON allowing bank clients to access their accounts in a secure and personalized way. Every fingerprint or face biometrics is unique for each person. In other words, it is a personalized security system which safeguards the clients’ integrity; they are the only ones who can have access to their bank apps.

DAON integration with Cyberbank makes it possible to: 

  • Have agile and rapid access to web and mobile apps using biometric factors compatible with any device, according to the client’s preference. 
  • Manage and save users’ biometric data to complete high-level assurance actions, such as transactions, loans and other bank products.
  • Validate every client’s identity providing login credentials based on their biometric data.
  • Contrast identity credentials information with legal and governmental systems to validate identity.

Key benefits:

  • It increases efficiency when making transactions and having access to apps from any device used by the client, by means of biometric authentication methods without having to remember a password.
  • It helps to reduce the time spent to complete transactions on the application. Every client will be able to have access from anywhere at any time, to operate, check the account balance, among other actions.
  • The biometric authentication access is possible not only using a smartphone, Cyberbank and DAON’s financial integration enables every user to have access from computers or devices and have a socially responsible experience.

Key Features:

  • Cyberbank and DAON combine their clients’ identity authentication for account openings by means of biometric factors and identity cards data extraction, generating an overall authentication of users.
  • The integration enables a fluent user experience, since the screen views are similar and consistent with the services of mobile applications, browsers, ATMs, or devices used in bank branches.
  • Cyberbank’s platform allows using more than one authentication factor, according to the authentication rules of the financial institution. The latter will be able to choose the quantity and types of authentication factors that will be necessary for its transactions flow.
  • The user interface is totally customizable, according to the rules and features of the financial institution brand. The continuous improvement process provided by Cyberbank allows working on the design aligned with the business needs.

DAON helps to:

  • Provide different biometric authentication methods:
    • Selfies to be compared with identity cards    
    • Fingerprints
    • Voice commands
    • Patterns, passwords, and PIN
    • Crypto passwords
    • Iris verification biometrics
    • Face ID
  • Comply with the standards to work with FIDO and UAF certified devices.
  • Comply with global standards, since DAON complies with:
    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 27018
    • ISO 27701
    • Level 1 ISO 30107-3

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