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Crivo was founded in Brazil in 2000 with the mission of developing a credit risk software that allows its users to make a decision in less than three seconds while accessing more than 600 different information sources.

Cyberbank integrates Crivo to provide a user verification system, which based on the user profile allows making strategic decisions to offer products and approve or reject credits, visualizing which the risk factors are based on the consultation sources offered by Crivo.

The integration of Cyberbank and Crivo allows: 

  • Performing credit analyses through the Cyberbank platform, accessing reports that are contrasted from different banking and non-banking sources, allowing a continuous credit approval or rejection flow.
  • The system is visibly executed by the financial institution sales agent, and the information recorded on screen can be processed and sent to the fraud detection systems available, thus preventing potential issues.
  • Having available all the channels offered by Cyberbank to financial institutions, in order to conduct customer analysis.
  • Based on customer registration, Cyberbank’s comprehensive platform can contribute to creating marketing strategies and campaigns to offer solutions and products according to the user profile.

Key Benefits:

  • Financial institutions can create, test, and apply business strategies using algorithms as decision trees and statistical models that enhance customer outreach.
  • The integration transforms information into actions, taking advantage of multiple data sources access.
  • The platform improves processes, simplifying stages and making them more cost-effective and efficient.
  • The system helps improve decision-making, minimizing risks and making each operation profitability viable. 
  • Data can be extracted for report analysis and access control, guaranteeing an optimal control and protecting customer information from leaks. 
  • Like Cyberbank, Crivo is prepared to adjust to financial institutions’ rules and processes,  in order to shape an agile risk management.

Key Features:

  • The system allows searching information from external and non-banking sources to compare reports.
  • The system allows using internal banking data.
  • The integration enables flexible business rules and strategies parameterization.
  • The system is a controlled environment where all the information is perfectly protected so as not to harm users.
  • Any information used is auditable to ensure the transparency for the system and the financial institution.

Crivo helps in and supports:

  • Finding credit information from more than 600 paid and free sources.
  • Protecting information through a proven, efficient firewall.
  • The system is supported on tablets, computers, and smartphones.
  • It can be used in point-of-sales and digital channels.

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