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COELSA is an Argentine technology company with more than 20 years of experience focused on the financial sector positioning itself as the main core of the payments ecosystem. The company provides high-quality digital tools suitable for the main players in the financial scenario, banks, fintechs, official bodies, cards, banking and non-banking networks, to participate and interact in the payments ecosystem.

The integration of Cyberbank and COELSA, allows:

  • Access to CBU and Alias management: COELSA provides the necessary capabilities to complete key customer journeys in Cyberbank regarding the onboarding and account creation, as well as CBU and Alias management.
  • Initiate transactions, transfers and payments that require the use of CBU or Alias codes: Initiated in web or mobile channels through Cyberbank, COELSA is the solution responsible for the compensation and validation of codes and transfers made by users.
  • eChecks Operations: Introduced by regulation of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic for the operation of electronic checks, COELSA is the solution that manages the issuance, acceptance, endorsement, or rejection of eChecks operated in digital channels (web or mobile) supported in Cyberbank.
  • Debin/Credin operations: Manage the creation and approvals of immediate transfers and/or collections between bank accounts.

 Key Features:

  • COELSA is the low-value Electronic Clearing House created by most of the large Public and Private Banks that support the National Payment System of Argentina, through Red Link technology, is responsible for the electronic clearing of checks, direct debits, transfers from customers or third parties, claims, images of rejected checks and CFU (Uniform Federal Compensation), allowing the imputation of transactions automatically between originating and receiving entities.
  • COELSA manages and controls the operations carried out in the Argentine financial field, managing:
    • The unified reservoir of digital check images.
    • The account holders repository to control the CUIT, CUIL or CDI of the transfer beneficiary within the clearing process.
    • The Unique Repository of the “Uniform Virtual Key – CVU” that allows the identification, traceability and interoperability of funds transfers that are made between accounts managed by a Payment Service Provider (PSP).
    • The Alias CBU, which facilitates banking operations for approximately 70 million accounts.
  • COELSA performs the settlement of balances between banks, product of the clearing of card operations, processors and ATM networks.
  • Management of “SOJ – System of Judicial Offices”, to operate blocks or holds of balances in accounts -by legal reasons- ordered by the AFIP (Federal Tax Administration).
  • Operator and administrator of eChecks (electronic checks).
  • Interoperable QR Code Management, a tool to massively interconnect users, banks, digital wallets and Fintechs, without going through the traditional value chain.

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