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From Atlanta, United States, Cedar CX provides integrated customer communication and digital servicing platform delivered as a hosted managed service. The main focus of the solution is to improve customer experience, lower costs, manage compliance and deliver a truly personalized omnichannel servicing experience that enables customers to communicate with their bank when, where, and how they prefer. 

The integration of Cyberbank and CedarCX brings user experience management to the next level, where CedarCX communication management tools are combined with Technisys continuous improvement framework that combines agile development and UX improvement focused on people.  

The integration of CedarCX and Cyberbank can help: 

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Focused on the user experience, communication is a crucial tool in the development of better digital journeys. At this point, CedarCX is responsible for collecting crucial information to understand the use of the Cyberbank platform by users, which streamlines the management of improvements in continuous development. 
  • Enable Multi-Layered Governance:
    • Single source archive for all communications.
    • Multi-tier review and approval workflows for content changes.
    • Communication template version tracking.
    • End-to-end job tracking dashboards and reporting.
    • Email and SMS delivery tracking.
    • Change ticketing and complaints tracking.
    • Segregated access for user groups and user roles.
    • Data masking and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) protection.
    • Certified third-party audit credentials – SSAE and PCI compliance.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster Change Management:
    • No IT for 75% of changes.
    • Increase customization.
    • Consistent enterprise voice.
  • Automated Reconciliation:
    • Account for 100% items.
    • Critical data validation.
    • Out-of-balance notifications.
  • End-to-end tracking:
    • Complete status visibility.
    • Issue detection.
    • Trail for changes/delivery.
  • Increased Control:
    • All templates in just one library.
    • Enforce request intake.
    • Data history access.
  • Delivery Remediation:
    • Email & print delivery tracking.
    • Email bounce remediation.
    • NCOA (National Change of Address) / Address cleansing.
  • Expanded Delivery Options:
    • User chosen channel.
    • Fuller enhanced emails.
    • Mobile responsive documents.
  • On-demand Letter Creation:
    • Controlled intuitive UI.
    • Auto-filling of customer/account data.
    • Include attachments/forms.
  • Improved UX:
    • Delivery channel of choice.
    • Track frequency of touches.
    • Clear & engaging content.

Key Features:

  • Convergence of CCM, Enterprise Content Management, and Web Content Management.
  • CedarCX CCM integrates with digital engagement mechanisms and supports all digital channels.
  • CedarCX CCM integrates with Cyberbank to improve and support additional communication use cases for real-time and traditional batch communications.
  • The solution encompasses the entire customer lifecycle with visibility into each interaction.

CedarCX can support:

  • Mobile messages.
  • Push notifications.
  • Digital communications.
  • Alert distributions.
  • Statements & Letters.
  • Campaigns.
  • Backoffice.
  • Documents & Forms.
  • On-demand letters.

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